We at Minefaire produce massive family events that educate, entertain, and inspire our guests! Through our events, we constantly strive to create the following for all individuals involved:

-Safe and accepting environments
-Equal and fair opportunities
-Open and receptive communications
These goals act as the foundation for the below listed policies and practices. 

 1. If It’s Not Nice, Don’t Do It.
We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassing, discriminating, vulgar, unlawful, violent, or otherwise inappropriate conduct. Period.

2. If It’s Not Yours, Don’t Touch It.
Stealing or handling property from the venue, the event, or fellow attendees that is not purchased by, owned by, or explicitly given to you is strictly forbidden. 

While some attractions are interactive (i.e. LEGO build zones), the removal of components from attractions also qualifies under this rule. (But please, take pictures of your awesome creations!)

3. If It’s Questionable, Don’t Bring It or Use It.
Being a family event, there are some things you shouldn’t bring and some things that are questionable. If you’re not sure, here’s a helpful list a no-go’s: 
-Illegal & Non-Prescribed/Over-the-Counter Drugs (possession or influence)
-Alcohol (possession or influence)
-Cigarettes & Vapes in the event space or non-designated venue areas
-Weapons by anyone other than on-duty Licensed Police Officers
Note: Staff cannot and will not hold onto any weapons at any time.
-Non-Service Animals
-Non-Mobility Aiding Vehicles (i.e. skateboards, electric scooters, etc.)
-Items that are flammable, corrosive, occupy airspace or substantially impede traffic.
-Any item that violates or causes one to violate one of the Big Five 
-Any item that conflicts with direction provided by the Minefaire staff

Hint: When in doubt, go to Rule 5!

4. If It’s Not Pre-Approved, Don’t Conduct It.
We’re happy to work with you and/or your organization! However, explicit written approval is required to conduct the following:
-Commercial Transactions
-Market Research
-Professional Media Recording

5. If You’re Not Sure, Don’t Hesitate to Ask!
We’d love to answer your questions about our policies, practices, and anything else! 
The best way to reach us electronically is via info@openworldevents.com  
At the event, talk to one of our staff members, and we will help as best we can.

The Three R’s: Reporting, Remediation, and Reservations
To ensure our events remain safe and family-friendly, please report any policy-violating situations you experience or witness. We will respect your confidentiality and work quickly to amend the situation at hand. 

If you or your party violate of one of these guidelines, we will review each instance and make the appropriate decision, ranging from verbal notice to removal from the event and all future events.

If you believe we have acted in error, please contact us via info@openworldevents.com and explain the situation, including all details and parties involved.

We at Minefaire reserve the right to create, enact, and revise these policies as seen fit to align our operations with our mission, observing all applicable federal and state laws in the process.

ADA Accommodations
Basic Provisions
Our goal every show is to offer ADA guests full, unprohibited access to the venue and to all public areas of our event. However, please note that some issues may arise dependent on the venue that may be out of our control. We will do our very best to ensure ease of access and ADA compliance at every event!

We also provide designated ADA seating at our Main Stage and movable seating at our smaller stages.

For guests who need “stimulation breaks”, we fully allow in’s and out’s through our re-entry processes.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Guests
Upon request, we will be happy to arrange interpreter services for our deaf and hard-of-hearing guests!

Please be sure to make requests thirty (30) days before the date needed, as we cannot guarantee provisions for later requests. 

Interpreters will be hired for Main Stage events, and we will attempt to provide volunteer interpreters for individual requests (subject to availability and local legislative requirements).

To request an interpreter, please send an email to info@openworldevents.com with the following:

1. The event title, city, and date(s) that the interpreter will be needed
2. The names and ages of all guests in need of an interpreter
3. The type of interpreter requested (ASL, PSE, SEE, etc.)
4. Any other important information (i.e. special needs, requests, planned activities at the event)

Some of our attractions do make use of color recognition (i.e. puzzles in the Escape Room) and may not be best suited for those with color vision deficiencies.

Attendee Safety & Expectations
We bring thousands of families to our events, and as such we place a high value in everyone’s safety. We also want to best communicate what you can expect so you can plan your time accordingly. 
If you feel or witness anything unsafe, please contact our staff or security as soon as possible.

Security Measures
To ensure safe and efficient entry into our events, guests are subject to the following security checks:

Visual inspection
Bag checks
Metal detection via wands and/or magnetometers

Before entry, please make sure all bags are ready for inspection and all metal objects are collected into an easy-to-search location (i.e. the pocket of a bag).

If you have a medical concern about this screening (i.e. pacemakers, ADA guests), please inform our security staff, and we will adjust our practices accordingly. 

Staff Training
ALL event staff and security are required to Sensitivity Training prior to working at our conventions. 
Select staff members have training and/or certifications in the following areas:
-Mandated Reporting
-Crowd Management
Please contact our Information Booth or staff members if a service is needed at the event.

Child Attendees
We welcome guests of all ages to our events! 
However, some of our junior attendees will need supervision throughout the day:
   -Ages 13 and Under: Parent or guardian required at all times
   -Ages 14 to 17: Parent or guardian strongly recommended
If you and your junior attendee get separated, please head over to our Information Booth with their:
   -Physical Description (any pictures will greatly help!)
Tip: Set the Info Booth as a meet-up point for you and your junior attendee at the start of the day!

Sensory Warning
We love a good stage show! 
Accordingly, strobing lights, amplified sounds, and large crowds are quite common at our events. Please be aware of your surroundings and consider taking “stimulation breaks” as needed. 
(Don’t worry, you are free to exit and enter through our re-entry process!)

Some of our attractions also utilize equipment that has known to cause motion sickness (i.e. Virtual Reality). While warnings will be posted around these attractions, please take this into consideration before queuing and engaging in these activities.

Registration & Attendance
Getting Your Ticket
Tickets to our show are available for purchase both online and in person and have different tiers depending on the experience desired.

Online pre-sales are announced through our websites and social media pages and are primarily conducted through Eventbrite. We also work with varying affiliates to offer competitive rates, subject to change based on ticket and platform availability. 

Our Box Office is located outside of the event hall and is used for onsite ticket sales, will call, ticket upgrades, and ticketing questions. Pre-sale ticket holders can head straight inside the event!

We offer a variety of ticketing tiers, ranging from premium swag, early-entry packages to shorter afternoon passes. Please refer to the specific events’ ticketing page for pricing, timing, and tiers.

Note: For early entry, all party members must have an appropriate ticket type to enter the hall. Please consider this and the age supervision requirements when purchasing tickets.

Upgrades & Downgrades
If you get to the event and say, “Wow, I really want to up my experience” then you’re in luck! 

Upgrades are available for purchase at the Box Office and only cost the difference between your ticket and the upgraded ticket. Any premium materials will be given to you and your party upon purchase.

Downgrades are not available, but you can request a refund if desired (see below for details).

In’s & Out’s
Need to step out and take a break, a call, or a power nap? No problem!

When exiting, find one of our friendly staff members with a re-entry hand stamp. Make sure to show your stamp to our check-in team when re-entering.

We totally get that things happen, and we want to work with you to have the best experience possible.

However, please note that our general policy for all events is No Refunds. This policy is listed on our Eventbrite and affiliate ticketing sites.

The one exception to this is through the Ticket Protector option in Eventbrite, which allows for a “no questions asked” refund of tickets before the day of the event (Saturday/Sunday). 

When requesting refunds, here’s a quick guide to our policies and processes:
   -How? Through the ticketing agency used (i.e. Eventbrite) 
   -When? Prior to midnight of the ticket’s event day (Saturday/Sunday)
      -Includes Ticket Protector requests
   -Where? Online via the ticketing agency used. We do not process refunds onsite!
   -What about…? Any and all questions can be sent to info@openworldevents.com

As noted in The Three R’s, we reserve the right to evaluate each case and apply policies where fit.

Meet & Greets
Want to meet our talented stars? Then you’re in luck!

Our meet and greet sessions are completely free and are subject to a first-come, first-serve policy.

Meet and greet sessions will occur at specified booths according to a listed schedule (see the show program). These stations will also be the location where guests can buy merch exclusive to the talent.

Please be aware that we will often close our lines before the listed end time. This ensures that everyone in gets an autograph while also making sure our talent has time for panels and breaks.

Programming & Attractions
At our events, we aspire to educate and entertain our guests through fun and engaging stage shows.

Seating is first-come, first-serve, and guests are free to stay as long as they like. However, please note that certain seating sections are reserved for our ADA guests and our premium ticket holders.

Feel free to take pictures, video, or even stream our stage shows! (Just don’t use flash.)

Looking for something more hands-on? Feel free to engage in one of our many free-to-play attractions!
Many of our staffed attractions will require waiting in line and following instructions from our staff (i.e. the Escape Room). Please follow all directions provided by our staff as this allows us to safely and fairly provide fun to as many guests as possible. 

We also feature “open use” attractions, such as our LEGO build zones. Please be sure to respect your fellow attendees by being mindful of their space, time, and property.

If you have any questions or concerns about the stages or attractions, please let our staff know!

Cosplay, Weapons, & Props
Cosplaying, or dressing as your favorite character, is a valued tradition we encourage at our events!
However, there are certain cosplay practices we do not allow at our events for safety and legal reasons:
-NO law enforcement impersonations (costumes inspired by this are subject to review)
-NO costumes that violate The Big Five, including but not limited to:
        -Anything lewd, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate (i.e. overexposed skin)
        -Using non-mobility aiding wheeled devices (i.e. Dolly wheels)
        -Occupying airspace (i.e. Helium balloons)
-NO bare feet

Weapons & Props
Many of our favorite characters have iconic weapons and props that are a part of their being.
As with costumes, there are certain “No’s” to what props are allowed at our events:
-NO functional weapons (i.e. guns, metal blades, hunting bows, etc.)
-NO item that goes against The Big Five, including but not limited to:
         -Those violating Federal or state laws (i.e. Guns without orange marking [15 CFR § 272.3])
         -Sharp, overbulky, or otherwise unsafe (i.e. Sharpened swords, mallets, lazer-attached)
         -Highly flammable or corrosive items (i.e. Undried paint, fire-producing props)
-NO weapons or props over eight (8) feet tall or over fifteen (15) pounds in weight

All weapons and props are subject to inspection and Peace Bonding at our Information Booth. 

Tip: You can check out our Costume & Weapons Check Criteria for more detailed information.

What is Peace Bonding? Peace Bonding involves affixing a zip tie or band to a prop that lets us know:
      A.The prop has been screened by security and approved
      B. Any potentially unsafe components have been rendered inoperable

Please contact us before the show with any questions you might have! (See The Big Five - #5)

Video Recording
What We Record
We love capturing the energy and smiles our attendees bring to our events!

Posted at all of our shows is a Notice of Filming by Open World, Inc., Microsoft, and/or any other of our affiliates. Entering our events grants the recording company the right to:
  -Record your image, likeness, name, and/or voice
  -Own, license, assign, and/or use your image, likeness, name and/or voice without payment and without action being taken against the posting entity

Should Minefaire or an official media affiliate ask to directly film you (i.e. interview), a specific waiver will be provided that outlines your rights, the filming party’s rights, and any agreed upon terms and conditions.

Please note that other individuals will most likely be recording at the event as well. These individuals are not directly affiliated with Open World and may not . If you have any questions or concerns about this, please reach out to one of our staff as soon as possible.

What Others Record
We encourage guests to take videos and pictures to remember their time at our events.

If this directly involves another guests, please get their explicit permission before snapping away.
(Crowd and stage shots are an exception.)

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